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The April Army Online is a fan site dedicated to the Swedish Metal band, Dead by April (DBA).

Dead by April has been a big source of inspiration to a lot of people - particularly people who find themselves going through troubles and losses within their own lives. Their music tends to cover a range of subjects, from the loss of loved ones, a relationship coming to an end or even bullying. Therefore a lot of listeners who are going through or have experienced these things can highly relate to the contents of their music. Fans often vouch that DBA has given them hope and strength in otherwise difficult times - and some even owe their lives to them.

They are a band who are passionate about their music, sticking to a tried and tested formula whilst also managing to create new styles which don't alienate their listeners. They are passionate about the fans, with most of the band members past and present being very active on social media, engaging with the fans at live events and genuinely caring about the people who listen to their music.

At it's core this website is just a place where fans of the band can come together to appreciate the band, talk about their music and projects and get the latest news and information surrounding their activities. It's our way of giving back slightly too, we know there are a lot of fan pages on Facebook surrounding the band, but they are very limited in the things that they can do and offer the public. We have complete creative control here and can offer things that other Facebook pages can't.

So if you like the band and you like their music, why not consider registering for an account here and start getting involved in the conversations and activities this site has to offer.

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