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Band Member - Pontus Hjelm  
Merch - Meet & Greet  
Merch - Breaking Point - Single  
Merch - Breaking Point - Stems  
Merch - Breaking Point - Instrumental  
Merch - Ibanez RG2228 Unique Custom Design  
Merch - Mayones 8-string Custom Guitar (Black Matt Finish)  
Merch - Mayones 8-string Custom Guitar (White Flamed Finish)  
Merch - Video Greeting  
News - New dEMOTIONAL Single Teased 1 year ago
News - Pontus helping mix the upcoming... 1 year ago
News - Pontus' Production on Synths for... 1 year ago
News - Marcus R and Pontus announce Fredman... 1 year ago
News - String Arrangement Teased from... 1 year ago
News - Guitar/Bass Playthroughs of 'Breaking... 1 year ago
News - Finalizing the clean vocals 2 years ago
News - Two Teasers from the New Album... 2 years ago
News - Kaaoszine interview with Pontus... 1 year ago
News - REMINDER: Pre-Save 'Worlds Collide'... 1 year ago
News - Dead by April on Jimmie Strimell,... 3 months ago

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