'Worlds Collide' Reviews
With 'Worlds Collide' less than 24 hours away from release (some even have it already), we would like to hear what our followers think of the album once they've heard it.

So feel free to drop your reviews in the comments section on here or our social pages, we will collate them and post them on the album pages too with your name attached. Click to see the reviews we have so far: aprilarmy.online/album/Worlds-...

Also whilst on the subject of 'Worlds Collide', I will be making an effort to update the lyrics section with the proper lyrics to each song, I will be going by ear for the most part so some bits may be missing or incorrect (usually marked in red if I'm unsure)... so feel free to correct any parts that you think are wrong or missing. Once official lyrics have been released I will update that section more.

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