Blabbermouth publish article regarding 'Worlds Collide'
Blabbermouth have published an article about Dead by April's upcoming album 'Worlds Collide', including a little bit more information on some of the inspirations behind the new songs and how they managed to score a collaboration with famous swedish singer Tommy Korberg.

Head over to this link to read it:

Seen some pretty shitty reviews on the web too, not going to lie, they kinda annoy me a lot. I know that they aren't everyone's favorite band or genre of music but it's personal opinion. People who review music are just paid (or not) to give their opinion - but for every one reviewer who don't like them, there's 1000 people that do so it's good that this review is kind and fair.
2 years ago
To be honest with you buddy I feel the same way, I've felt it about game reviewers too being a fan of the Xbox franchise and also owning an Xbox website myself too (although currently on indefinite hiatus).

Reviews are based on personal opinion... yes you can step outside your own opinion temporarily and try and put yourself in someone elses shoes, but you can't fully do it unless you are that person, and that's impossible. I'm rambling... point is, just cos you don't like something, doesn't mean other's won't either.

I think this is what Pontus is trying to communicate through the 'Can You See The Red' lyrics, there are people who just want to watch the world burn, they don't really see behind the scene's as to what repercussions their actions cause.

But, as our parent's would say, just ignore them. DBA should just continue to do whatever makes them happy as a group, do not give into the peer pressure or negativity and just continue to make awesome music like they have been! That's my two cent's anyway