Regarding Recent Activity on the Site
We would like to publicly apologize for a recent issue whereby a post featuring samples of Dead by April's upcoming album 'Worlds Collide' was published on our site and social media pages. Whilst we weren't the original leakers of those audio files, we did help disseminate them against the bands wishes - something which we have learned and agreed goes against their marketing efforts.

Going forward, in an attempt to work alongside the bands goals... we will be carefully monitoring all content published to ensure that we do not hinder the band in any way. Only news which has been sanctioned by the band themselves OR content that absolutely does not harm their brand will be published. Again we are wholeheartedly sorry for any problems we have caused by this and we wish the band every success with the release of their new album and for the future. Rock On DBA!

Aww man I would have loved to have heard these... but I respect your decision to remove them. We don't have long to wait anyway so I can wait. It was bold of you guys to admit that you made a mistake.
2 years ago
Holy Sh*t, to be honest it was something I had been wondering for a while. I know you guys aren't affiliated with the band so wondered how you managed to get all the inside information before even they posted it. But I am glad that you were wise enough to admit that you could have gone about things in a different way. I love this site and wouldn't want to see it close, so whatever benefits the site is fine by me. If this is the route you need to take I fully respect that.
2 years ago
Thanks for the kind words guys, at the end of the day, I will hold my hands up and say that I got a bit carried away on the news front, chasing the headlines and trying to be the first to post the news before other outlets, not realizing that the other outlets weren't even trying to compete. Because it's not a competition.

Whilst I think between us all we did a stellar job on getting the news first... looking back, I can see that although the passion was there, I went about it in completely the wrong way.

My intention for the site was never to hinder the band, but rather stir the hype up for them, get people talking about them, get people excited about them - because in my opinion, and I mean this in the most humble way possible, the band does not hype themselves up as much as they should in my opinion. They are a fantastic band with a lot to give, sure they aren't everyone's cup of tea but for those that love the band as much as some of us do - they are everything.

I hope that you can see that my passion for the band is still very much present, and it's actually quite upsetting to think that maybe they don't agree with the way we have been doing things here... and as such, something needs to change.

We will still be delivering Dead by April news and content, so nothing has changed on that front apart from the fact that we are being more selective about what we choose to post, if it has the potential to hurt the band or go against their overall marketing strategy, then we won't make it public.

I hope that everyone can respect this decision.

- x2i
Fully understand your position x2i and support you in it. Yes it was good to find out news before it was even officially announced but at what cost? It's not like we have too long to wait a lot of the time anyway.

Just have to try and decide between what is right to post and what maybe wrong to post at that time. I'm sure you'll figure it out.