New Album "Worlds Collide" Release Date Announced
Dead by April's new album has finally been announced officially and has a release date. Their fourth studio album "Worlds Collide" will be released globally on April 7th 2017.

Their Facebook page said the following:
FINALLY we can let you know that our fourth studio album - "WORLDS COLLIDE" - will be released globally on April 7. Stay tuned for album pre-orders and more fun stuff! We are really excited to releasing new songs to you all and some of them will see the light of day before the actual album release - so don't worry, you will hear (and see) more stuff from us before April 7!


1. Crying Over You
2. I Can't Breathe
3. Playing With Fire
4. Warrior
5. Breaking Point
6. My Heart Is Crushable
7. Can You See The Red
8. Our Worlds Collide
9. This Is My Life
10. Perfect The Way You Are
11. For Every Step (feat. Tommy Korberg)

Who here is excited as we are?

O.M.G YES! Been waiting for this for absolutely ages. This is the best news I could have had today. I can't wait!
2 years ago
Who is tommy korberg?? I am intrigued.....
clairtalina wrote
   Who is tommy korberg?? I am intrigued.....
Me too... I think it's this guy, he is a swedish singer according to Wikipedia

2 years ago
yes... i cannot wait so bad!