Photo's of the Music Video Shoot now on the App
The Dead by April App has been updated to include some new photo's in the exclusive section. The pictures are taken from the recording session they had with Patric Ullaeus today for their new single's music video (still no official word on what the song will be but they are interesting to look at).

We won't be posting the images here but you can download the App for Free using the following link if you wish to see them: aprilarmy.online/news/25/The-D...

2 years ago
Somebody must know what song it is!!
2 years ago
I have been talking about it with a friend (the one who has the tattoo that we posted recently) and she thinks it will be 'Warrior'. I would like it to be 'Crying Over You' or 'I Can't Breathe' but we shall have to see. I will be excited either way!

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