DBA Start Recording Next Single's Music Video
Today, Dead by April start recording the music video for their next Single with Swedish director and photographer Patrick Ullaeus - known for his work with bands such as Amaranthe, In Flames, Within Temptation.

Time to record music video for our next upcoming single!! More content will come, so stay tuned ✌🏻️🤗👍🏻🎉😎🤘🏻🔊👌🏻 #deadbyapril #deadbyaprilstore #newsingle #cantwait #totalawesomeness #patrickullaeus

According to a comment on the bands Facebook Page (bit.ly/2jER8z6)... it won't be a song that we have heard before (except maybe in small previews if it's anything we have showcased before).

There was also supposed to be a live stream happening but as yet this hasn't started, we will let you know when/if it does.

1 year ago
Looking 4ward to seeing this video !
12 months ago