'Crying Over You' Mock Teaser
Hey DBA Fans, I have created a mock teaser of one of Dead by Aprils new songs 'Crying Over You'. Whilst this isn't a proper teaser, it might give a little insight into how the final song may sound. So give it a listen and see what you think.


This is an unofficial rendering of the song 'Crying Over You' by the band 'Dead by April', this is a fan made teaser that has been compiled using publicly available audio samples from the song posted by the band themselves and is in no way accurate in terms of how the final version of the song may be.

Please do not take this mock trailer as absolute proof of how the song may sound once it is released. I apologize for the various volume blips and sudden changes in the song, it was the best I could do without spending a large amount of time fixing it which was way beyond the scope of this video.

Please enjoy and show the band some love if you like this.

This is sounding better and better each time I hear parts of it. I heard the app preview but not the rest of it.
2 years ago
Sounds Awesome !