Merch Section Now Live
The Merch Section of the site is now live and kicking. In it you can browse all of the Dead by April Merchandise not only from their official website, but other sites too, and then find links on where to purchase those items (unfortunately we do not sell them here, you will have to purchase through the respective merchants).

You can also browse through items which have been available in the past if you fancy seeing some of the items you may have missed in the past, unfortunately these items will not be purchasable either - at least not at the time of this post - but you can keep checking the links to see if they come back in stock, and if we see it come back in stock we will inform you here.

The search feature will allow you to look for something more specific quicker.

Let us know whether you like this feature and if we could make it better. We love to have feedback here at the April Army Online.

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