'Incomparable' Album and 'Breaking Point' Single Instrumentals now Available
Dead by April have released an Instrumental version of their new single 'Breaking Point' (for those who don't wish to purchase the stems separately at a higher price).

They have also released a partial Instrumental version of their second album, 'Incomparable'. By partial we mean that not all of the song's are present at the moment (more will come soon).

Song's which are on the partial Instrumental Album are:
- Dreaming
- Real and True
- Within My Heart
- More Than Yesterday
- Calling
- Two Faced
- Crossroads

Lyrics for all songs can be found in our Music section, if you fancy a bit of Karaoke!

Head over to the official DBA site to purchase them - don't forget to use the discount code GOODBYE2016 for 25% off if buying before 2017:

2 years ago
Just a heads up guys, you have to purchase the songs individually, they don't come as a package, which in a way is good, because you can select your favourites only if you wish to.

Just use the dropdown box to select the song and the quality (hi-res or MP3) for the songs you want to add to your cart.
Would be better if you could buy them all in one go instead of adding each to the cart separately but this is still good