'Breaking Point' Stem Files Available to Purchase
Stem Files for DBA's newest single 'Breaking Point' are now available to purchase on their website for €6.99.

If you are unsure what a stem file is, basically it is the song that has been broken down into it's individual instruments/vocals - meaning you can listen to them separately or use them to create your own covers/remixes.

They come as:
- Guitars & Bass
- Synths
- Drums
- Vocals

Head over to the official DBA site to purchase them - don't forget to use the discount code GOODBYE2016 for 15% off:

2 years ago
YES! I absolutely love Stem files for songs because you can sometimes hear parts of the song that were masked by other instruments/vocals. Also good for Karaoke versions haha :)
2 years ago
As an experienced drummer I love stems,you don't always appreciate each instrument for what it is and what it contributes to the song as a whole -bring on the stems !!