Latest Update on the 'Breaking Tour'
Dead by April posted an update on their Facebook pages regarding the current status of the 'Breaking Tour':

Due to Stoffe's Crohn's disease we're not able to continue this tour, he is unable to perform on a tour right now. It's nothing deadly, it's just the way the disease works.
We are of course very sorry for this and will get you updates as soon as we know more on how to continue the tour. Peace!

Rest assured we will keep you posted on this site as well, our best wishes go out to Stoffe in hoping that he makes a speedy recovery.

2 years ago
awww man i hope he gets better soon, also i heard they were playing new songs from the album and wanted to hear some bootlegs
2 years ago
Yeah I heard that too. Was searching YouTube but no joy. They tend to be very bad quality videos though so maybe best to not spoil it for yourself haha.