Secret DBA Project - Revealed!
You may remember about 6 months ago, we made a news article titled 'Secret DBA Project' - if not, check it out here: aprilarmy.online/news/59/Secre...

Well we can finally reveal what the project was about, April Army member and long time friend of Dead by April, Janine Franke put together a project whereby fans of the band could contribute a paragraph of text which would be featured on a large banner. The banner (seen in the image) was then handed to the band live on the stage - featuring thank you messages and messages of support from fans across the globe.

Janine wrote as a thank you to those who participated:
Hey everyone.
Just wanted to Show you a short Video Marcus R. Made with my smartphone at the moment we presented the Surprise to them.
They were totally happy about the surprise and Thanked all of you. They really loved it and after the concert I gaved it to them so they can read it when it's time.

I just wanna Thank everyone who was part of this.

Take care everyone

I think I speak for a lot of fans to say that Janine did a very good job of this surprise, so well done to her!

Thanks for Posting this here as well.
It means a lot to know as much as possible has Seen it. It was a lot of work But it was so damn worth it.

Even now it's helping me through having a Bad time plus not being able to visit more than 2 Shows (i know it's more than some other But for me it feels like dying.. Specially because I planned 6)

Never give up spread the World about Dead by April and how amazing they are.

1 year ago
You are welcome Janine, you are always a friend of the April Army and props to you for putting this together 😊

We will continue to spread the word as long as DBA lives and beyond.

Excited for my show tomorrow as it will be the first time I've ever met them!