Dead by April to re-release 'Worlds Collide' with Jimmie Strimell on Growls
The main man himself Pontus Hjelm has recently been spotted on Facebook confirming that the band are currently working on a re-release of their latest album 'Worlds Collide'... But featuring Jimmie Strimell as their growl vocalist instead of Stoffe.

Jimmie was Dead by April's original harsh vocalist before being forced out of the band a few years back, being replaced by Christoffer 'Stoffe' Anderson.

Stoffe then left the band shortly after the release of 'World's Collide' for reasons that still aren't fully clear. Regardless, the band has temporarily re-recruited Jimmie to help tour the release of the album.

It is still unknown whether Jimmie will be kept as a permanent member of the group but this is a promising sign.

As for the reaction from the fans it seems to be a bit of a split, with some stoked that Jimmie is making his return in this way and others feeling bad for Stoffe essentially being replaced on the album.

We will keep you updated as this story and others progress.

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