Dead by April Tease Version of 'Crying Over You' Feat Jimmie Strimell
Dead by April released a video earlier today to promote their upcoming tour dates, however eagle eared listeners were quick to spot that in the accompanying song, the harsh vocals for 'Crying Over You' featured Jimmie Strimell doing the harsh vocals instead of Stoffe.

You can listen to the video here: aprilarmy.online/videos/misc/D...

What do you think fans? Is this a sign of something to come with more songs being re-recorded with Jimmie on Vocals? Does this mean that Dead by April as a band are gearing up to announce that Jimmie will remain as the bands permanent screamer? How does this make you feel about Stoffe and his participation in the last album?

Of course, we are only speculating here and it may have only just been a quick preview since Jimmie is currently only touring with them, we'd love to hear your thoughts though in the comments!

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