Dead by April - Adrenaline Cruise Interview Translated
Dead by April's Pontus Hjelm and Jimmie Strimell recently did an interview at their Adrenaline Cruise tour date. Whilst the video was recorded in Swedish, one of our WhatsApp members by the name of Yoshie was kind enough to provide a rough translation for us.

Question: Can you tell us about Worlds Collide?
Pontus: It's the world's best album?... Well we've taken DBA's ingredients and also taken longer in terms of music, production and lyrics.

Q: Did something happen that made your Worlds Collide?
Pontus, Jimmie: Yeah

Q: Worlds Collide is a reflection of what happened in the band all these years?
P: No, it's not. It's more a reflection of how the world looks like today.

Q: Do you think as a band, you must talk about those serious subjects and make people see it with through anothers eyes?
P: No, music must mean freedom. If you want to talk about it, it's welcomed. If you don't, it's also okay. It is not like a responsibility.

Q: Jimmie, are you back on the band temporary or is it permanent?
J: Well for now, it's kind of an examination until the tour in September; I hope I can stay with the band. But right now it feels fantastic to be back.

Q: Do you feel like you have more respect for each other now then when you began with the band?
J: It feels much better now, the band feels like calm.
P: Kind of in harmony.

Q: Which song of the new album do you guys think describes DBA best today?
J: My heart is crushable
P: I agree.

Q: In which way is your musical personality an expansion of yourselves?
P: We are always ourselves, we just feel the music when we are on the stage.
J: Yeah, our feelings come out on stage.

Q: So you show your feelings on stage, is it a release to show them in front of strangers?
J: Kind of yeah... I have actually cried on stage. It was when we were singing 'In my arms', I just felt sentimental watching my girlfriend and my mother from the stage and just couldn't sing properly.

Q: What is the craziest thing that happened on stage?
J: When someone threw panties on the stage 😯😂
P: Well it was in Finland, when some members of Slipknot came to see us on stage. It was awesome, and sometime after Shawn "Clown" made a remix of our song "Angels of clarity".
J: It was crazy!

Q: Why did you choose music as a profession?
J: It was actually coincidence, I just had an idea... kind of a proverb which was meant for myself but then Pontus asked if he could do something with that... and he made a song! Then we just loaded it up on MySpace, it just rolled and after that just came more songs.
P: It was just the two of us thinking we could something and making songs which could stand for "like or accept yourself".

Q: If you had to choose ONE song that you can keep forever but you have to delete all the others, which song would it be?
J,P: Losing you.
J: It was our first song that described how we felt, it told like "This is us and this is what we do!".
P: and we wrote it together.

You can watch the full (untranslated) interview here: aprilarmy.online/videos/misc/D...

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