Dead by April Live Stream Q&A
So today, Dead by April, featuring newly re-appointed Jimmy Strimell, held a Live Stream Q and A on their Facebook where viewers could ask questions for the band members to be answered in real time... the stream was a huge success and we were also very lucky to hear a few snippets of upcoming content (we will cover this in another article coming shortly).

We have the live stream up in our videos section in case you missed it: aprilarmy.online/videos/misc/D...

You can also watch it on their Facebook along with real-time comments from viewers here: https://facebook.com/deadbyapr...

We plan to start annotating some of the questions along with their answers if you just want a quick low down on what was said - please head to aprilarmy.online/livestream_qa... to see this as we progress.

I watched the whole thing after you posted the video as I wasn't available to at the time. Thanks for posting for people like me who dont have Facebook