Dead by April Confirm 'Return' of Jimmie Strimell
Dead by April have officially announced that former clean/vocalist Jimmie Strimell will be returning to the band - at least in the capacity of replacing Christoffer 'Stoffe' Andersson (who quit the band last April) as a session vocalist in their upcoming shows.

We hereby confirm Jimmie Strimell as our growl-vocalist for the upcoming shows! Additionally, we'll do a livestream Q and A on our Facebook this Saturday, May 6 at 15.00 (Swedish time) in order to hang out and answer questions etc. Much love

Source: https://facebook.com/deadbyapr...

I am happy that Jimmie has returned but I can't help wonder if Pontus and him reconnecting had something to do with Stoffe leaving.
I mean the timing matches up, if you read the write up of the Live Stream, they started speaking quite a while ago, when Stoffe was still in the band.
Maybe he felt betrayed or maybe he didn't like the idea of it as he now felt out of place since it was Jimmie's original position in the band.

Perhaps we will never know. :(