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Who's right or wrong? What does it matter now anyway?
Who's right or wrong? What does it matter now anyway?
Staff Member - Dan Wheeler
Hi, my name is Dan... and as you can probably tell, I love Dead by April... so much so that I created this site as a means to celebrate them, but also to gather a group of like minded people who wish to stay up to date with all things Dead by April.

I realise there are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to the band, heck even the name isn't really that 'original', but I wanted to enjoy a proper community of people on a website where we can post cool things related to the band - and Facebook can only do so much. Truth be told, this site started off as just a template that I was working on to practice my web developing skills, I work in IT support so I rarely get chance to utilise them. I decided to make the template about DBA as a placeholder for information, but got persuaded by a close friend to make it into a fully fledged website.

I am also aware that there are official DBA Apps and Websites too that do serve a lot of the same content as what is offered here, but I consider this just another medium that people can access that information. I also do not intend to tread on Dead by April's toes in terms of what they offer on their exclusive App, therefore I will be mindful of what I post on here to ensure that doesn't happen - I want to work with the guys in their favour, not against them.

I will continue to update the site as much as I possibly can to bring you the latest DBA news and features, I would love to hear from you all. I will be on the lookout for people to possibly help me run the site too - but that might have to come at a later date whilst I work on background stuff.

Anyway, any questions, hit me up. I am all ears! Peace Out,

Dan (x2i)

- Footnote, x2i stands for eXist 2 Inspire before anyone asks :)
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