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2 years ago

Most of us have probably already heard it by now, but there was a bonus track on the 'Let the World Know' album called 'Cause I Need You'. It was only released on the Japanese version of the album. But Why?

Zandro/Pontus teased the song on the groups Facebook page so fans were already hyped to hear it before the album released, only to be puzzled that the song wasn't on the final album. I myself remember getting to the end of the album and thinking 'hmmm, that part I heard on the teaser was nowhere in that album' and it was one of my favourites out of all the teasers they posted (I still have them saved on my PC), so I did a bit of digging and found out that it was only released as a bonus track on the japanese version of the album.

But why Japan? They are a Swedish band who sing English lyrics... sure they may have a following in Japan but that's not really a reason to exclude the song from EVERY country except that one. Maybe there was a deal in place, maybe there were legal issues, I don't know. I'd like to delve a bit further into why just out of curiosity's sake as it seemed a bit strange that's all.

I know most people found a way around this, erm, little setback - that's your guys business not mine, but yeah, if you have any theories or knowledge into why, I'm interested in hearing it.
1 year ago
This always puzzled me too as it isn't on Spotify. But I can listen on Youtube so I am okay with it.
Maybe it's something to ask the band members themselves?
3 months ago
Hi everybody how are you? :)

I've been a long time without going through the page and today I felt encouraged to comment on this topic

First of all, I would like to say that Japan is one of the most consumerist and demanding countries in the world in terms of music, it is also worth mentioning its level of fanaticism.

Another important aspect to deal with is the economy, the Japanese economy is much higher than in Europe and the United States, so ... what happens from here?

The artists include exclusive material, unpublished, special ... to encourage the Japanese market to consume the national product instead of importing it from another country since it would be much cheaper.

Thanks to Ebay and amazon, I have been able to get the first 3 albums in Japanese edition with their respective bonus tracks, Japanese lyrics and their obi (The obi is the paper or cardboard they carry on the side)

In a bonus tracks, the first album includes: My Savior and Losing You (Radio Edit), I mean, the song without screaming, all clean voices, by incomparable part, launched: Painting Shadows. Shortly after they released the mystery version with that same song including Unhateable, and as for Worlds Collide ... no Japanese version has been registered nor additional bonus track, the 11 songs that it has, is the definitive tracklist
3 months ago
Is possible that for the next album, they release any re-recording of where i belong, holding on or found myself in you now that jimmie is in the band again, or numb, the tribute for Chester Bennington from Linkin Park as bonus track
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