Current Build: 1.1.5
Build 1.1.5
• Added a Review Section to the album pages.
• Added awards for submitting album reviews.

Build 1.1.4
• Added more administration controls for managing the Image Galleries.
• Altered the news articles to include more BBCode, however this meant that the whole news article had to be displayed instead of a preview with a read more button. This may change in the near future.
• Altered the lyric pages to include the headers of which band member sings which verses, can be toggled on/off.
• Added a section to the album pages to show which were the most popular songs people had added as their favourites in their profiles.
• Fixed a security bug that meant that non-VIP members could access the VIP boards using specific URL alterations.
• Resolved Issue with Facebook Login, updated code to align with the changes made by Facebook.
• Added a vibration feature for mobiles when notifications/conversation replies are received (does prompt first for permission and can be turned off if desired).

Build 1.1.3
• Altered background image of site to match your colour preference.
• Changed the gallery thumbnails so that it only uses a static image to reduce load times.
• Upgraded the gallery system so that images can be viewed easier, you get forward/backward buttons and you can swipe the images on a mobile.

Build 1.1.2
• Fixed issue with news feed RSS not displaying properly.
• Changed the way Facebook sharer detects Metatags for some pages (mainly news) when sharing... Other pages to follow soon.
• Fixed an issue where sometimes the merch page wouldn't display the right image when changing colour/side of an item.

Build 1.1.1
• Moved the Display Picture Edit to the Profile Edit Page.
• Adding settings page to the Profile Edit Page.
• We will now E-mail users the first time they receive a private message off another member, if they have the setting on.

Build 1.1.0
• Added new WhatsApp Sign Up Page.
• Added new Group for WhatsApp Members, along with an Award for anyone who is added..
• Improvements made to the conversations area - text now renders new lines, BBCode and Images/Hyperlinks. Text fields now have black text instead of grey.
• Added a section to the main page sidebar that shows how many birthdays the site is celebrating.
• Added a birthday page that lists those members who's birthday it is along with a birthday message.

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