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'Worlds Collide' Acoustic Sessions Coming Soon
Jimmie Strimell 'Returning' to Dead by April
DBA 'Numb' Cover Out Now
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Dead by April are releasing the acoustic sessions version of their latest album 'Worlds Collide' this October 20th!

They have also unveiled a new website design too over at deadbyapril.com... if you fancy checking it out.

Source: https://facebook.com/deadbyapr...
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Dead by April will be performing at the 'End of the World Party' at the end of October 2017. Information below:

Where: Kulturhuset, Järnvägsgatan 8 Örebro
When: 28 October at 21:00 UTC+02
Tickets: runforyourlives.se/...

Head to our On Tour section to see all upcoming tours/shows as they are announced: aprilarmy.online/tour...

Let the band know you are attending on their Facebook page here: https://facebook.com/events/29...
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Drummer and YouTuber Gregory "Grif" Sokolov has recently uploaded a cover version of Dead by April's 'My Heart is Crushable' - adding his own unique twist to the song in some parts.

We are sure you will agree that this is one sweet drum cover!

Check out the drum cover at the following link: https://youtube.com/watch?v=A-...

Also check him out on Facebook here: https://facebook.com/drummergr...

If you have any fan submissions, playthroughs, covers etc... you would like to submit then let us know and we may showcase you on our pages!
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We are grinding the COD: Infinite Warfare as we’re getting ready for #CODLaunchBattle in November!! Let’s do this👊🏻🕹🎧💻💀🤘🏻🤓🎮 #CODWWII #ps4 #activision

Anyone else think that Jimmie genuinely looks in pain here though? Probably just got killed by a sniper from across the map?! 💀

Source: https://instagram.com/p/BZvoJX...
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Dead by April have added something very cool indeed to their web shop... check it out below:

Do you have a friend or family member's birthday🎂 coming up? Want to make someone's Christmas Eve🌟 a special one? Or what about a "cheer up" for that friend of yours that is going through tough👊🏻 times?

Well, now you can say it through Dead by April! 😬🤘😎 Choose what type of greeting you'd want us to do, and we, Pontus Hjelm, Jimmie Strimell, Marcus Wesslén, and Marcus Rosell will record a unique video and greet that friend/family of yours.

If you choose the + Facebook Greeting we will also write a special comment on your friend's FB account's wall, with the band's Facebook profile.

To purchase one of these greetings simply head to their website here: #more-anchor">https://deadbyapril.com/produc...
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Dead by April have uploaded their new single, which is a cover of Linkin Park's 'Numb', to YouTube for fans to listen to.

This song is the bands way of paying tribute to the late Chester Bennington. We hope we can speak for everyone when we say it is an amazing cover and a brilliant tribute indeed.

Watch it here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=08...
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Are you a Snapchat user? Want to get the latest Dead by April news via Snapchat as well?

Then add our AprilArmy Snapchat account to your friends list by scanning the snapcode on the side - or search for AprilArmy.

Spread the word to anyone who you think might need this in their lives too 😁😁
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Dead by April's cover of Linkin Park's song 'Numb' is OUT NOW!!

This cover is a tribute to Chester Bennington who sadly took his own life not too long ago.

Find links to purchase/listen to the song below:

iTunes: apple.co/2fD5oaO...

Spotify: bit.ly/2fdQqYh...

Deezer: bit.ly/2fmbMX6...

Youtube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=08...
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